Separating Feature from Security Updates

Before we get to flying cars and space tourism, I would really like to see the WordPress ecosphere consider separating release candidates into Feature Updates and Security Updates whenever possible. WordPress, and its component ecosphere, releases updates combining new features with better security on a frequent basis. With this can come the dreaded white screen […]

Strategies for Selling WordPress Websites With Large Plugin Stacks

I’ve developed a methodology that allows me to build complex WordPress websites using a large number of plugins (over 20) and still maintain proven stability and security for my client through updates (or lack thereof) after years of use.

How To Document A WordPress Build to Reduce The Cost of Ownership For Everyone Involved

Dependencies between WordPress core, plugins, custom code, or other components will always add complexity to the WordPress ownership experience. Complexity adds to the effort of interacting with the system in question; which increases costs when attempting to maintain it or expand it.

Five Reasons WooCommerce Offers The Best ROI When Compared To Other E-commerce Solutions

The hardest part of selling your products or services online is probably choosing the best ecommerce platform for your website. This right platform can reduce costs, minimize development time, and increase the ROI of your business. After doing extensive research, we found five reasons why choosing WooCommerce for your website will give you the best […]

Avoiding Complexity In Workflow Diagrams

Workflow diagrams map use cases into a coherent visual story, providing far more context than mere bullet points in text. The trick is to keep the diagram simple, and this requires evaluating what the reader brings to the table. One person’s “simple” can be another’s “confusing”. Too much information can be a bad thing when […]

Concept-to-Design Demonstration

This video provides a 5 minute overview demonstrating the technical disciplines and creative skill sets I possess as it relates to a common request: building a secure WordPress website from a starting theme.

JIRA Service Desk Enhanced Workflow Map

This video provides a quick overview of the workflow map I use to guide my support desk tasks at FlexTech Media. I only cover the critical path in this video, and not some of the other paths  you can clearly see in the screenshot of my map, which you can also download by right-clicking on […]

How SearchWP Proves Value

“I looked into creating a secure, searchable PDF file archive for your researchers,” I said sitting across from my expectant client. It was the winter of 2013 and my client had paid me well to evaluate the landscape of options. “The other options come in at around $8,000.00 if they are a dime. This plug-in is from a company called SearchWP, and it will work within your current website after some configuration. It runs about $80.00 a year.”

How End User Documentation Becomes a Sales Tool

Nothing should be sexier to a technology marketer than well produced end-user documentation. Found within such reference materials are clear examples that show value being delivered in a very concrete manner, though the context of the value is not the same as you might require to reach the niche audience in question through a marketing channel.

Branding With Credibility

For most organizations, having their content labeled as “hype” by their audience is not a good thing. The damage such perceptions can do to brand credibility follow the content everywhere, making it difficult to regain hard-won market traction.

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