How End User Documentation Becomes a Sales Tool

Nothing should be sexier to a technology marketer than well produced end-user documentation. Found within such reference materials are clear examples that show value being delivered in a very concrete manner, though the context of the value is not the same as you might require to reach the niche audience in question through a marketing channel.

Branding With Credibility

For most organizations, having their content labeled as “hype” by their audience is not a good thing. The damage such perceptions can do to brand credibility follow the content everywhere, making it difficult to regain hard-won market traction.

The Hidden Costs of WordPress Propel SaaS Models

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model that delivers software technology access on a subscription basis (usually). An example is The idea is that such a model relieves clients of various technical responsibilities, including keeping software updated and hardened against cyber attacks.

Cheap WordPress Themes and When Not To Use Them

Modern prefab themes are actually little “DIY” web builders in and of themselves, and that’s a big problem at many levels when it comes to using them for creating websites with specialized capabilities. It is so problematic that most web professionals will opt to build their own theme rather than charging the client for all the hours spent “fixing” code that wasn’t broken until the cheap prefab theme used to supply the site’s design broke it.

10 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Theme

Assuming you’re familiar with the best use case for the beautiful, prefab themes found on websites like®, here are some important things to consider before making a purchase that represents you online

The 2016-17 Web Hosting Race To The Bottom

What cheap, do-it-yourself webhosting would look like if it were furniture. Includes a video.

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