How I Work

As an industry professional with a degree in Management and Organizational Development, as well as over 20 years working with programmers, designers, technical writers, grant writers, marketing directors, and product managers, I understand how important it is to work well with a team so that we can get things done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Here’s the typical route working together would take:

  1. My hourly rates, and contractual general contract considerations, are described here.
  2. We can talk by phone no matter where you are, and in person if you’re within 45-miles of Loveland, Colorado.
  3. You’ll have me sign any NDA’s specifically required for the comfort of your stakeholders.
  4. Once we agree to what it is you need from me, when you need it, and the cost estimate, you’ll verify it electronically with just a few clicks.
  5. Now I’ll put the request on my production calendar and we’re off and running.
  6. In the future, you can log requests with me by e-mail or through a system you’ll have access to that makes it easy to do so.
  7. I provide tracking for everything you ask of me. I use a variety of automated approaches making it fast and easy to capture authorizations and provide a historical record of work you can access securely. For larger projects, I furnish plans, timelines, and reports that are human readable or as cyborg as you want to get; it  just depends on the nature of what we’re doing together.

Here’s how I tend to do things:

Ethics are really important to me. The points below are designed to make sure I’m as honest and clear as possible so that we don’t run into any confusion as we do great things together!

  • If we have not worked together before, I’d prefer to start with a project of less than 20 billable hours. After we get at least one project under our belts together, if you want me to be involved on longer duration assignments then that’s great! It means I’ve demonstrated value. I live for that. W. Edwards Deming is an inspiration to me.
  • I’m a budget nut. In our work together, costs are tracked as an organic aspect of my company’s internal workflows and procedures. You’ll never be left wondering what you spent or why, and I can provide historical financial reports by work category on this front for you as well so you can see where you’ve been using me the most.
  • I only service a limited number of active clients at a time so that I can provide a very high level of service once I’m on the case.
  • Once you are my client (I have worked with you in the past or you have an active request with me now), you are my priority. This means:
    • Once we start working together you are my client. It binds me to the NDA / Non-Compete even after the request is concluded.
    • Depending on work load I’m sometimes able to begin working a new request the same day, and at a late hour. It might not finish until the next business day or later, but at least you’ll know I’m on the case. I’ve had agencies call me at 6p.m. on a Saturday for help with a technology task or writing challenge. Stuff happens. If I can help, I will!
    • If I’m very busy, I may not pickup right when you call. I promise to call you back the same business day you call. It might be evening in some rare cases.
    • If you need me onsite and you’re within 45 miles of Loveland, I can usually do it with two day’s notice. I bill 1hr each way as well.
    • I am available to clients with active requests Monday-Saturday, 8a.m.-7p.m. Mountain Time, including onsite needs (again, I need a couple of days notice for onsite requests). This availability includes SKYPE chat. I prefer this to phone texting (which I do not give priority to) and only give out my SKYPE info to clients.
    • My current workload, and the time constraints of your request, will always be factors in how much help I can be and when I can get started. In some cases this means I have to decline to help. After 25+ years in this business I know better than to overload myself and make promises I cannot keep. But, once you’re on my calendar, nothing gets in my way or distracts me.
    • I work best with people on a collaborative basis, and with people that don’t mind getting a lot of questions…even sometimes the same question asked different ways. Some situations demand it, such as technical writing, and some less so.
  • All of my work is performed under the Umbrella NDA and Contract, but this can be modified to suit your given situation within limits.
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