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Information Design's most familiar output is the infographic, such as the clickable image shown at left. The purpose is to communicate abstract concepts efficiently using only enough artistry to get the point across. The goal is for such products to be a visual bridge between experts and those who would benefit from understanding them.


In Technical Writing, Information Design can also be the phrase used to describe an architectural approach to content creation and delivery based on audience and how the audience will access the information (PDF file, web page, inline help file, etc...). Building effective websites requires understanding how people find and consume information once they've arrived on your site. This means that your site's navigation and overall content organization are aspects of Information Design, as are the workflows that are required to complete tasks. This sort of diagram is typical, as are the considerations I've written about here.

This type of work is closely related to User Interface Design and User Experience Design (UX Design), and often overlaps with that sort of work.

I can provide not only the design expertise to visual information, I know the questions to ask and the methods to use that help reach your audience.