Media Repurposing is the act of taking content from one format and making it available in a different format. A simple example would be creating a fully indexed PDF file from a Microsoft Word document. A slightly more complex example is taking a video file from one format and reproducing it in a different format, such as transcoding from a DVD to a web-usable streaming format. And a complex example would be publishing the contents of an InDesign file as a full indexed PDF file with a custom view on being opened, while using the same file to output web-ready markup and content (a common need for technical documentation).

Audio is another important experience websites often overlook simply because of the complexities involved in not only getting the audio into a usable format for the web, but also knowing how to present it on the web. I use professional audio tools such as Cubase VST® to produce the best results possible for the audio stream bandwidth target or CDN provider's requirements.

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