There's More To Technical Writing than Writing

I can help in discovering, creating, and documenting the appropriate workflows for e-commerce, membership, or portal based web initiatives in WordPress. This can include security touchpoints and how external resources integrate to provide a cohesive user experience. Deliverables here can also include online training videos, customer facing user guides, employee facing technical references, Americans with Disabilities Act Human Resources Compliance for WordPress Content Managers Guide, and more.

Other related services include Information Design, documenting regression testing, beta testing documentation, usability testing guides, and providing all related procedural and outcomes documentation in a variety of digital formats (including video) as needed.

Another use for this service is to get help finishing what your previous Technical Writer might have started before they moved on to other endeavors, or assisting your in-house or other contracted Technical Writer, while complying with their way of doing things.


Creative Writing For Niche Industry Channels

I've spent my life interacting with C-level professionals in verticals such as industrial equipment manufacturing, medical information systems, software security, and ag-industrial complex concerns. Producing content that matters to their audiences is a technical writing matter on the extremely creative end. Whether it's the opening Core Value Proposition of a website's home page or creating articles with helpful infographics to communicate a concept, I can make the subject matter interesting and engaging once I've built the appropriate audience profile and interviewed the appropriate Subject Matter Experts.