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“It might be simpler in some cases just to contact me and ask if I can help. The idea here is that I can assist with niche issues related to content and web based environments.”

Cut Through The Confusion

Need an Adob InDesign® file setup to export as an indexed PDF file? Need to optimize video or audio files and setup streaming from a CDN? Maybe you need a PDF file to be displayed within your website instead of just offering a link? My background in working with virtually the entire Adobe Creative Suite® and expertise with Microsoft Office® product interoperability can help you beat the deadline.

Modern digital media is usually synthesized from a variety of source files that can have different levels of difficulty when it comes to getting the results you need. While I have experience with standard productivity suites like those just mentioned, I also work in specialized environments such as Steinberg Cubase® and Techsmith Camtasia®. I’ve written full musical scores for demo soundtracks and understand Creative Commons Licensing as well as the Copyright Act of 1976.

From infographics to synchronized media, I can usually assist in a short amount of time to create results that fit the target audience and consumption environment.

These capabilities also extend to mass image optimization and placement, assisting with PowerPoint® presentations (including embedding media, creating slide masters, etc…) content organization, placement, and styling, WordPress Theme work, mobile WordPress layout work, light WooCommerce® integration work, and more.


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