Light UX Prototyping

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Have an idea you want to pitch to your client but need help setting up an interactive prototype to really get your point across? Want to abandon PDF design comps in favor of a fully interactive experiences that help you gather client feedback in realtime? I have pragmatic User Experience Design approaches that you can engage to keep your clients happy and your projects moving forward.

I use a combination of InvisionApp®, AWS S3™, graphic design, and subject matter expert (SME) requirements gathering techniques that make this type of engagement a hybrid between consulting, technical writing, graphic design, and user experience design. The work product is always owned by you, and it may be necessary for you to sign-up for third party services such as InvisionApp in order to engage my help in this regard.

This service can also be useful if your client is a software developer and they are coming to you for help with providing assets for demos either direct to a buying audience or for pitching to potential investor groups.

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