Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH)

SMASH is a WordPress-centric service that audits your site’s overall configuration for security best practices. I then provide written recommendations and execute on those recommendations once authorized. The site is placed in a state of perpetual monitoring with safeties in place. The audit is invasive and not entirely automated, as some things just have to be looked at closely by human eyes. It means I have to be able to get into the same areas of your website that your developer gets into.  Some websites require security exceptions where others do not, so I always use adaptive security approaches.

This service is usable under any of my FlexSupport plans. If I built your website, no audit is required. If you are not currently a client, on-boarding you as a client happens by engaging this service under the either the Continuity of Care plan or the Spontaneity of Care plan starting with a security audit.

I created SMASH in response to what I saw almost a decade ago: WordPress gets implemented in an unsafe manner a lot by vendors who do not build such websites  under a legal contract with an expectation of security. Now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is upon us, a service like SMASH can go a long way toward GDPR compliance as well as it relates to Article 25: “Data protection by design and by default“.

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