Web Packages and Pricing

These prices only pertain to clients I am working directly with outside of an agency relationship. If you are an agency, these prices will be negotiated at our agreed upon rate. The three tiers also apply to e-commerce projects with one important difference: RapidRollout and Foundation will use Shopify.com in most cases. The starting prices displayed in the table on this page do not include the subscription fees for your direct account with Shopify.com, only the estimate for my own cognitive and mechanical work. If your needs are more sophisticated they are at the Solution level. In that case, I use WordPress with something called “WooCommerce”.

Customization of both design and capability increases complexity. RapidRollout offers the least amount of complexity, while Solution has no upper limit. RapidRollout is for lower budget projects where professional integration and training service is desired. It restrains costs primarily by assuming a given pre-fab design (or Theme as it is called in WordPress) and the capabilities a theme provides by default, already meets the client’s needs. Foundation websites use my Expansion Library to provide enhanced capabilities not available by default. The Solution level website provides custom programming to satisfy a specific requirement that our expansion library cannot provide.

All websites require an Architectural Phase. Please see My Web Build Business Process for important information about the way I  schedule and invoice for web builds.

Description RapidRollout Foundation Solution
FREE: Includes User Guides and/or Training Videos along with 1hr of orientation. This sometimes negates the need for Live Content Mgt Training. Yes Yes Yes
Requires Explicit Agreement With Our Umbrella NDA and Agency Contract Yes Yes Yes
Includes Architectural Phase and Project Plan Yes Yes Yes
Basis of Preliminary Minimum Estimate $1920.00 $4250.00 $8900.00
Average Recurring Component Licenses $325.00 $550.00 $980.00
Live Content Mgt Training Cost (Daily or Multiple Sessions up to 8hrs) $680.00 $680.00 $680.00
Basic Theme Stability Screening: Can be omitted with a signed waiver or by using a theme from my starting themes library. $450.00 $0 $0
ALL POSSIBLE SELECTION TOTALS $3338.00 $5380.00 $10,480.00
Basic Design Modifications Yes Yes Yes
Custom Design No Yes Yes
General design and functionality predetermined by selected WordPress theme. Yes No No
Interactive Design Previews Yes Yes Yes
Mobile and Desktop Design Included Yes Yes Yes
Licensed Images Provided 3 5 9
Media and Content Placement Included No No No
Custom Coding Services Allowed No Yes Yes
Content Layout Tools No Yes Yes
Media Library Management Services Included No No No
Ongoing Maintenance Included No No No
Break-Fix services through upgrades at half-price on a priority basis. Maybe Yes Yes
Requires Basic Security Screening Maybe No No
Advanced Security Configurations No Yes Yes
Price Includes Offsite Backup Separate from Web Host No No No
Price Includes Web Hosting No No No
Basic Feature Integration Maybe Yes Yes
Can use Expansion Library Modules No Yes Yes
Advanced Feature Integration No No Yes

Component Licenses are for things like plug-ins, themes, or other licensed items required to produce and maintain the website.

Basic Theme Stability Screening is usually required for RapidRollout since we allow the use of themes unfamiliar to us. Stability Screening is a vetting process where the selected theme is evaluated for security and the ability to survive WordPress upgrades. If you choose to omit this service, any bugs or problems which arise due to an upgrade will be fixed at our full hourly rate, instead of the half-rate we otherwise use.

The Architectural Phase (AP) is a required planning phase that creates the Project Plan. The Project Plan contains all requirements, the budget, the timeline, and any other contractual agreements your project requires. If you were given an estimate for you project over the phone or in e-mail, the AP will refine that estimate and make it official. For details, click here.

Content Layout Tools are enhancements to the standard WordPress Visual Editor’s toolbar that allow you to add columns in pages, force text to wrap in specific ways around images, define your own paragraph styles, optimize images during upload, and more. They give you fine-grain control over the content inside your website’s pages. They do not provide you with any web design abilities. These tools are usually provided as Expansion Modules and provide training resources either we provide or the module’s author provides. We do not code our own content layout tools. If we provide training for these tools, it will only be for the most used features or those most relevant to your build.

Media Library Management Services eliminate unused media such as PDF files and images from your Media Library. This service also optimizes large image files you may have uploaded without first optimizing them. For instance, if you have an image on your camera you did not first optimize prior to upload, that image could be huge both in dimensions and in file weight. We encourage our clients to learn and use a free image processing program like GIMP to keep images lightweight and sharp, and pages loading faster. Large images can greatly slow down a page, impacting your search ranking and encouraging page abandonment by visitors. Though WordPress does some image optimization at upload, we assume our clients want their visitors to have the best experience possible. Optimizing images prior to upload is the only way to guarantee that outcome.

Break-Fix services remediate any problems encountered when the website is put through an update cycle. WordPress updates occur several times per month. RapidRollout uses designs (themes) that are not sourced by FlexTechMedia.com, unless you agree to use a theme from our own theme library. For instance, you might like a theme from Themeforest.com, but we have never used it, need to learn it, are not familiar with the developer who coded it or what their response times are when problems are encountered, and have no experience with how secure it is. In this case, we would charge our full hourly rate to fix any problems encountered when an update changes the code base. If the theme is from our own library, however, the charges will be billed at half of our hourly rate.

Basic Security Screening is only required if we are asked to use a theme outside of our library. It includes testing the theme against our best-practices security model. This includes ReCaptcha on all forms, file-rights and file configurations on the server, hiding the WordPress default login URL, incorporating ReCaptcha on the login form, and more.

Advanced Security Configurations include omitting some pages or posts from site search, displaying conditional content based on logged-in user roles, paywalls, or other custom security needs. We do not offer Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPPA compliance at this time.

Basic Feature Integration includes the following optional enhancements only: A sophisticated web form system that can be used to take payments for things like event tickets or simple product sales in some cases, a simple image slider (if the selected theme allows it), paginated blog posts with custom thumbnail generation, and photo gallery enhancements. Some themes might fail our basic compatibility test and so these features would not be available in that case.

Advanced Feature Integration is custom programming required to satisfy a specific requirement that our expansion library cannot provide.

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