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Enhanced Search in WooCommerce:

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This Expansion brings powerful search features to WooCommerce stores. Search can now include more fields, such as SKU fields, and provide partial search term matches across all of these fields. For example, if a client only has part of an SKU number, this Expansion would allow a search based on that partial information. This Expansion optionally omits products from general website search results, if that’s what you need.

PDF Search:

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Allows site search to include the text from OCR compliant PDF files. This means that if a PDF file has text in it (and not an image of text) it can be indexed, and therefor included in your website’s search features.

Conditional PDF Search:

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Omits PDF content from site search based on specific criteria. For instance, if your website is a job board with Resume Search, and the resumes are in PDF format, you might only want employers to be able to see search results that includes resume results.

Taxonomical Navigation:

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Provides an integrated navigation system that filters content on your website by assigned categories, custom post types, or other taxonomies.

All Work Fully Documented

All Expansions include user guides and site integration maps so that you retain full control of your environment even after my work is finished. If you need to get another technical entity involved, those documents (and in some cases videos) will make that easy to do. The site integration map describes how your site is put together. It also contains a list of plugins, themes, custom code explanations, or other aspects that would be required knowledge for an outside entity to successfully recreate or  work with your website.

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