All Work Fully Documented

All Expansions include user guides and site integration maps so that you retain full control of your environment even after my work is finished. If you need to get another technical entity involved, those documents (and in some cases videos) will make that easy to do. The site integration map describes how your site is put together. It also contains a list of plugins, themes, custom code explanations, or other aspects that would be required knowledge for an outside entity to successfully recreate or  work with your website.

Enhanced Visual Editor:

Take creative control over your content and content layouts with this Expansion powered by ThriveArchitect. No coding knowledge is required to create professional, mobile-compatible layouts for your content. On the technical end of the spectrum, CSS coders will appreciate how the plugin’s clean, logical output makes it easy to further style the results. This video best explains ThriveArchitect.

Advanced Data Tables and Charts:

Generates attractive data tables that power charts like those used in product spec sheets or agricultural product profiles such as animal breed. This Expansion gives you the ability to create and update such content without the need for a web expert to assist you.

Media Library Image Optimization:

Reduces the file size of images when you upload them to the Media Library with a minimal loss in quality. Nothing slows a website down more than images that were just dragged from the camera into the media library. Those images will create an enormous drag on server disk space and page load speeds. Knowing how to optimize an image prior to upload is not difficult using GIMP or other freeware, but WordPress is not an image processing application. It displays what you tell it to display and assumes what you have uploaded into it is already optimized for the web. This Expansion addresses that concern, but will not give you the same level of absolute control that a dedicated image processing application can provide.

Media Library Cleanup:

Deleting a page or post does not delete from the Media Library any embedded image content. This is a good thing, as most images cost money to procure from a licensed library or photographer. Re-using image content is a financially pragmatic practice. However, websites with lots of pages (inventory systems with multiple images for each part or item) can cause the Media Library to bloat with images that you simply will never use again. The same problem is encountered with any PDF files, spreadsheets, or other media. This expansion provides a safe mechanism for identifying and eliminating unused media.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration:

Storing your media offsite in a secure repository that can be used by WordPress is a smart way to go. It keeps your actual website’s total file size far lower and takes advantage of the backup capabilities of the CDN provider. This has the added benefit of making it easier to perform backups of your actual website and store those backups offsite as well. Smaller backup sizes are easier to manage and take less time, improving the overall ability for a recovery expert to restore your website should it ever get hacked. This expansion leverages Amazon Web Services to integrate their CDN capabilities into your WordPress site.

Broken Link Remediation:

This expansion provides you with a list of broken links on your website. It gives you the facility by which to quickly identify and remediate broken links. It can be set to periodically check your website for broken links, including those that lead offsite.

Social Media and Review Icon Links:

Hotels often have a Facebook page and want visitors to easily go from the Hotel listing on your website to a booking service with reviews and ratings such as Trip Advisor. This Expansion allows the use of official icons of such services to be injected into the listings on your website of hotels, restaurants, and more.

Accordion Lists:

This Expansion presents a list of topics, each of which can be expanded in-page to view the details within the topic. This Expansion is best used with FAQ’s or other reference information that can be neatly confined to a paragraph in length.

Social Media Streaming:

Perhaps you have a Facebook Pages account and need testimonials fed onto your home page. Or maybe you’d like to showcase images you manage through your Instagram account. This Expansion uses the latest secure methods for embedding such feeds into your pages and layouts.

Advanced Image Gallery and Gallery Based Navigation:

Provides a centralized resource for creating and maintaining high quality image galleries with professional gallery layouts. This Expansion can also be used to create image-based navigation such as those found on landing pages for product manufacturers. It can be used, for example, to display a thumbnail of a chart containing a performance profile for a piece of equipment. Clicking on that thumbnail could lead to a page with the full operating specification and any downloadable PDF’s that page might contain.

CDN Streaming Video/ Audio:

Uses Amazon Web Services to stream large media files. Includes a sophisticated, mobile-friendly player that provides play list navigation. This Expansion optimizes the media stream for faster loading times, without the degradation of quality YouTube imposes. It can be used to serve premium video content behind a paywall. A great example of a basic implementation is right here on the website at

CDN Secure PDF File Download:

Uses Amazon Web Services to secure sensitive PDF files for link-download behind a paywall or membership site. The most common use for this is to deliver e-books, or workbooks that are associated with a given training video secured with my CDN Streaming Video / Audio expansion.