Enhanced Visual Editor:

This Expansion is the implementation of a plugin called ThriveArchitect™, along with several layout options and training. ThriveArchitect makes it easier to create and edit advanced layouts on a WordPress page, among other things. It is an extremely powerful tool for writers, artists,  and non-technical creative types. Over on the technical end of the spectrum, it produces professional results right down to the cleanliness of its generated code, making it possible for CSS coders to have their way with it as well. As with all the plug-ins I endorse, this one has proven it is compatible with restrictive security requirements over many years. The best video for this is found here.

Media Library Cleanup:

Powered By S3 Media Maestro

This Expansion provides a safe mechanism for identifying and eliminating unused media. Deleting a page or post does not delete any embedded image content from the Media Library . Websites with lots of pages (inventory systems with multiple images for each part or item) can cause the Media Library to bloat with images that you simply will never use again. The same problem is encountered with any PDF files, spreadsheets, or other media. This Expansion provides a user-friendly utility for keeping your media library clean. It includes configuration and training. If this Expansion is implemented on an existing site, this Expansion can include fees for cleaning up the media library as well, if that’s what you need.

Broken Link Remediation:

This expansion provides you with a list of broken links on your website. It gives you the facility by which to quickly identify and remediate broken links. It can be set to periodically check your website for broken links, including those that lead offsite.

CDN Secure and Private Streaming Video/ Audio:

Uses Amazon Web Services to stream large media files. Includes a sophisticated, mobile-friendly player that provides play list navigation. This Expansion optimizes the media stream for faster loading times, without the degradation of quality YouTube imposes. It can be used to serve premium video content behind a paywall. A great example of a basic implementation are the movies on this very page, or over here on the flextechmedia.com website at https://flextechmedia.com/services/original-music-composition/