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Expansion Services (or just “Expansions”) combine trusted plugins (and sometimes other code) with proven integration approaches to rapidly create powerful feature sets. Expansions are always tested for stability and security. Expansions can require some expertise to manage, it just depends on the complexity of the Expansion involved.  All Expansions come with documentation (and sometimes videos) providing non-technical training on their use and technical information for their correct implementation. In other words, a complete knowledge transfer is provided so that you maintain full control over your website.

How It Works

Foundation and Solution websites usually get most of their needed functionality from Expansion Services. If additional functionality is required, then custom coding expenses or additional research and integration fees become more likely.

I will help license directly to you any plug-ins or other technology that should stay under your control. Some Expansions use the same plug-in or set of plugins. In that case the only additional fees are for integration, documentation, and training. The cost quoted for your particular website will include the cost of licenses (for plugins or other technology), the cost of services to integrate that expansion correctly for your specific build, and the cost of training to help you use it in the best way possible. If you need one-on-one, screen-based training for a specific expansion, that’s not a problem.

Expansions are integrated into your website using secure integration techniques. They contain costs by offering advanced capabilities in lieu of custom coding. The cost depends on your specific implementation needs. It requires a consultation to accurately price. Expansions will increase your maintenance costs, but will still keep the overall price points far below what a fully custom coding engagement would require. However, sometimes custom coding is the only way to go. We might still use some of these Expansions in that case, or none at all; it just depends on the build project.

Most these Expansions are tested to work well together in different combinations. For example, you might want to combine PDF Search with Conditional PDF Search. However, some combinations might require additional evaluation. It is not possible for me to anticipate all the possible combinations a project might require. If additional integration testing would be required for your selected combinations, I’ll let you know.