Membership Expansions create complex WordPress environments with a customized user interface for easier content management. These Expansions tie access to content with a system event such as payment for an account or creation of a free login. They have more advanced security requirements simply because they must not only protect premium content, but member information as well.

Dynamic Portal Pages:

This Expansion creates a private landing page for each member once they login. These pages may contain links to files, a message board, and many other kinds of interactive content. For example, you could provide this for your equipment dealers as a dedicated portal for displaying links to custom price sheets, or other files, you can easily push to their secure pages. These portals can be many pages deep for each member, and are configured to make managing outbound information far easier than doing everything manually. For instance, you might have 7 dealers that all need one type of price sheet, and a few dealers that need another type of price sheet. Or maybe you need to pull all the pricing sheets from all the portal pages due to a pricing model overhaul. The management of file-based content like this in a portal is all centralized and secure. You don’t have to visit each portal page to manage which client sees the right content on their portal page. This is similar to creating a user-specific file-archive that can be sorted and organized by the member as needed. Just about anything you can put in a web page, you can put in a portal page. It’s even possible to embed a live video stream. This could be useful for investors that want to monitor processes as they occur on their batch of product in your manufacturing or processing facility. Using your imagination, this Expansion can provide unique ways to connect with your members.

These expansions are often used with CDN Expansions for the secure delivery of PDF files and Videos behind the membership or portal wall.

Secure Sign-Up:

Prevents spam sign-ups for membership websites by requiring a variety of validation steps prior to granting membership.

Secure Sign-Up by User Role:

Automatically assigns the correct user role for a member based on the account type they selected at sign-up. This Expansion is often used in combination with Landing Pages by User Role or Membership Level.

Landing Pages by User Role or Membership Level:

Once a member logs in, this Expansion directs them to a type of landing page appropriate to their membership level or user role. For example, a dealer would be taken to a portal page with pricing sheets specific to their business, whereas a buyer might be taken to an e-commerce area.

Content by Membership Level:

Creates different levels of content access based on any number of factors including subscription price, member role, or other considerations. For example, free membership could be required to access videos that are not part of a education series. A Student Member (just an example) might pay $10.00/mo. for access to an education series. A Mentor Member (again, just an example) might pay nothing but have their access predicated on video contributions to an education series. The flexibility of this Expansion makes it ideal for motivational speakers, business consultants, and other professionals seeking to monetize their knowledge.

Employment Portal:

This is a job board management system that contains many other Expansions in its default configuration. It secures the user experience by role and membership level beginning with sign-up, provides PDF file searching with search results restricted by membership type, and allows Employers and Candidates to perform some of the same actions found on the big boards such as or

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