This Expansion taps into over a decade of experience I have with User Experience Design. In this case, the focus is primarily on site navigation.

Complex websites with many layers of content need to provide visitors with an intuitive navigation experience on both desktop and mobile. There are several ways to make this happen, and it all depends on the engagement. For example, on this website, you will notice that the sidebar on the right ( or the bottom of the page on mobile), contains on-page navigation. On a desktop browser, this provides easy access to sub-pages of the Expansion Library section without requiring going back to the main menu and navigating three layers deep just to go to the another page in this section. On mobile, I use an approach that makes three layer deep navigation smooth.

Navigation Enhancements can also be used to furnish specific navigation by member role, current page or section of the website, and other conditional displays based on your needs.
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