These are processes that are kicked off when a user submits a web form, casts a vote, or some other event occurs that starts with the user or site member.

Employer Uploads Listing to Job Board:

Includes logo uploads, providing offsite URL links for completing the job application, and other advanced capabilities related to posting a job. File size restrictions can be adjusted to prevent uploads of non-optimized logos.

Candidate Uploads Resume for Job Board:

Provides PDF uploads and multiple-resume management features. Resumes can be omitted or permitted for viewing by Employers. Resumes can be selected by the Candidate for a specific job application. File type restriction (PDF) and file size restrictions an be adjusted to prevent large file uploads.

Testimonials From Feedback:

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Provides a web form for feedback that can then be evaluated by the content manager for posting in the appropriate section of the site. When the form is submitted, a post is created that takes the content of the submission and styles it for display. The system sends a notification to the Content Manager that such a post is awaiting their review. When this auto-generated post is manually approved by the Content Manager, the testimonial appears on the website in a predefined position.

Complex Forms:

Provides both complex form design and complex form behavior capabilities. A great example of being on the user-experience side of this is what you experience with my own Authorization and Verification system here at FlexTech Media. This Expansion can include engineering forms that perform calculations, or info gathering forms that do the same. It can send form submission results to specific e-mail addresses based on selections made in the form. It can be used to create forms that display fields based on the selections made in other fields. For example, notice how this web form changes the number of stair steps to measure based on the number of stair steps you’ve indicated you need. Also notice the form’s graphical design helps visitors through the process with diagrams. It does more than that, but you get the idea. Web forms can become great tools for gathering pre-order data or other information. Coming Soon: Complex Engineering Forms example with selectable Unit of Measure.

Leads Pages:

An example here is a visitor clicking on a link to get a free e-book. An interim page appears with a web form on it. Once the form is submitted, the visitor is taken to the page where they can download the free e-book. Leads pages can also show up on page load. A site that makes heavy use of this Expansion is

Vote For Your Favorite:

Provides the ability for non-logged in or logged-in visitors to caste their vote for a favorite restaurant, contest item, and more. The non-logged in implementation can restrict votes by IP address, while the logged-in implementation can restrict votes by user account. This prevents duplicate voting. Duplicate voting restrictions that are IP based will allow only one vote for the IP address. If your visitors are coming to your website from behind a corporate firewall they will need to vote with their independent mobile devices or only one person from that office will be able to vote on a given item. Includes voting reports that can also be exported in CSV format. Kaweah Delta District Hospital in Visalia, California had me implement this approach for their “Pink Ribbon Display” fight against cancer fund-raiser. I will be posting a video of how that works soon.