These are processes that occur when a user submits a web form, casts a vote, or some other event occurs that starts with the user or site member.

Testimonials From Feedback:

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Let your clients tell the world they love you! This Expansion creates a Testimonial web form your clients can submit for your consideration. Once you approve it, the submission is posted to the correct place in your website automatically, and styled according to your site’s design preferences.

Complex Forms:

Provides both complex form design and complex form behavior capabilities. A popular use is to create webforms based on paper forms, or forms in other formats such as MS-Word or PDF. It can include engineering forms that perform calculations and can switch between different Units of Measurement, or info gathering forms that do the same. It can send form submission results to specific e-mail addresses based on selections made in the form. It can be used to create forms that display fields based on the selections made in other fields.

Leads Pages:

An example here is a visitor clicking on a link to get a free e-book. An interim page appears with a web form on it. Once the form is submitted, the visitor is taken to the page where they can download the free e-book. Leads pages can also show up on page load. A site that makes heavy use of this Expansion is

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