A Feature Set is a specialized configuration of components that creates a specific capability without the need for extensive custom coding. Feature Sets are based on 15-years of complex build and security management for my government and private sector clients.  Feature Sets require some discussion between us for proper implementation. The WordPress CMS Professional package grants access to areas RapidRollout does not, allowing these feature sets to be tweaked as you see fit.

Training is a big deal to me. I've been flown around the country to train nurses and doctors on clinical software, taught day classes in computer learning centers, and implemented global technical support for a large dialysis company, among others. Training is the difference that reduces frustration, and reduces how much time it takes you to do something. Individualized training, video training guides, a growing knowledge base, and understandable user guides give my clients many different ways to learn as quickly as possible.

Not all Feature Sets are compatible with each other, and some come with additional implementation costs. However, I've worked hard to make this all as modular and flexible as possible. So, except for the Advanced Modifications category, the subscription fee usually will not change nor should you incur an implementation fee. I do bill for any training required to orient you in this regard, but the provided documentation and videos should reduce that likelihood in all but the most technical situations. For all of these reasons, some discussion is always required. The good news is you can actually talk to me, a human being located in Loveland, Colorado.

Regardless of configuration, website portability is always preserved. Although RapidRollout restricts access to sensitive system areas, (effectively blocking you from installing your own plugins ), leaving my service or switching over to the WordPress CMS Professional package removes that restriction, giving you unfettered access to everything.

NOTE: FlexTech Media does not offer e-mail or e-mail support. If you need e-mail along with your website, recommendations will be provided for your situation apart from services FlexTech Media provides and supports. All plans are subject to price modifications based on complexity.