Fully Documented Websites

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Simple or complex, the websites I build are designed to be both useful and usable for my clients. The WordPress websites I build come with a variety of documentation to empower both the new site owner, content manager, and any future web experts you retain to better understand what was built and how to use it. Documentation varies based on the project. You’ll get a user guide that explains the details of using your new website as a content manager. A Site Integration Map is provided for websites with greater complexity, where staff training and re-training are big concerns and specific workflows must be preserved as the site is maintained or enhanced.

When we work together, the Project Plan will be our guiding document. It contains the requirements, cost, and agreement about what will be built. The Project Budget and Timeline will be also be kept current, allowing you see to see on-demand where we are in the process, how much money has been spent, and on what.


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