These are starting points. Our work together will modify one of these content maps and produce two variations on the associated starting design. Eventually you will select a design.

Map 02, 03, and 05 have fully developed home page previews you can also view on mobile.

FlexTech Media specializes in websites that are safe for clients to content-update themselves. The logo, the social media icons, the various content pockets and their image backgrounds, and more can be content-updated by a non-techie with just a bit of training. These designs are specifically configured to cater to those that want maximum ease-of-use when updating website content. Of course, I am always willing to update content for you. 🙂

Map 01
Map 02
Map 03
Map 04
Map 05

I use the following guidelines to make sure we don't exceed the scope of a RapidRollout package:

  1. Customized work is a must! But we want to keep it to about 50% of the effort required to get the site ready for content.
  2.  The resulting website should not require workflow testing or extensive configuration testing when covered by SMASH.
  3. The desired design should not be radically different than the Starter Design. This is a rather liberal definition...and that's on purpose. By "radically" I mean ending up with a theme that has no structural relation to what we started with. For instance if you want a slider on the home page in a slot where a static image currently appears, that's likely to be fine. But if you want that slider to be the home page and need me to create graphics or videos for the slider to display....well, that's radically different!
  4. We will always push this boundary. My goal is to be flexible. I will let you know if we are moving into more expensive territory than the RapidRollout package.