JumpStart Themes

Scroll down to view the JumpStart Themes and their Design Maps.

JumpStart themes are built from a Design Map; a document that tells me how to modify the theme's layouts, imagery, functionality.

Map 02, 03, and 05 have live previews. Map 05's "Search Inventory" button on the home page is active, and the Search Inventory feature working demo is also active. In Map 05, click on "2014 Lamborghini Huracan" for an example of a basic record built with a customized data entry and gallery image selection tagger that results in the images being included in the gallery. For demo purposes, I just threw in all the licensed images so you can get an idea of how it works.

Once you select an option, a snapshot of the content map appears alongside a starting design. Click on PREVIEW RELATIONSHIP to open a new window containing a side-by-side view of the content map and starting design. You may need to scroll horizontally to study these graphics. Notice the way the content map divides up your home page. You are not stuck with the content map shown in the example or the associated starting design. These are starting points. Our work together will modify one of these content maps and produce two variations on the associated starting design. Eventually you will select a design.

FlexTech Media specializes in websites that are safe for clients to content-update themselves. The logo, the social media icons, the various content pockets and their image backgrounds, and more can be content-updated by a non-techie with just a bit of training. These designs are specifically configured for security, and to cater to those that want maximum ease-of-use when updating website content. Of course, I am always willing to update content for you. 🙂

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