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I’ve been competing, selling, and building complex WordPress B2B solutions with ongoing security hardening, and other digital services, as the owner of my own small company for the past 12 years. Even before that I was engaged in software endeavors for niche markets that included both technical writing, business writing, marketing, and sales. The complexity of these engagements require skills in live sales presentation (onsite or web based), web integration design, technical writing, budget management, contractor management, and more. I am a bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders whose trust I earn.

I started out in medical information systems 20+ years ago, then branched out quickly to pursuing work across a wide range of specializations. This included industrial equipment order UX design, automating the Sanrio Sales Force (Hello Kitty®),  technical and marketing writing for static source code analysis software for Embedded C, and a long stint as a WordPress web integration expert designing complex operations-focused websites for private and government-funded clients since 2004. I work well with teams, and am often the technical bridge between marketing and programming.

My experiences setting up the first national technical support organizations back in the 1990’s for several major medical providers led me to providing in-person training in networked classroom environments where I would orient nurses and doctors on clinical software packages including Pharmacy automation and dialysis center systems. The knowledge of how to setup effective technical support infrastructures appears to be a lost art with many major technology service providers. If you’ve ever called for technical support, you know what it feels like to be treated like a moron. This is antithetical to the philosophy I evolved for technical support that was so readily adopted by Total Pharmaceutical Care (defunct), Abbey Medical®, and DaVita Healthcare® way back when. With this in mind, my own company’s technical support philosophy is put to pragmatic use with my particular configuration of Atlassian JIRA Service Desk™, the SaaS resource that keeps my Problem Environment well defined.

In my previous role as a WordPress Integrator (michaelpenner.com), I maintained a significant library of training videos, technical configuration maps for different workflows  (my websites were somewhat complex), and documents to assist with securing the sites and performing manual regression testing after each major system update. I built complex WordPress websites that required effectively translating end-user requirements into documents that my contracted programmers (I am not a programmer) could understand in order to build the right thing and support it. I relied heavily on sub-contractors so that I could focus on getting new business, building the simpler websites myself, and managing the more complex projects tied to strict budgetary constraints.

I’ve worked in several software startups, and even managed some investor relations for a time. For the past 12 years I threw myself headlong into building complex WordPress websites that had improved usability approaches so that clients could update their content without me. I’ve abandon that work now, but the experiences of working closely with large government entities and small business concerns continued to demand more and more technical writing and media design work.

I am not a programmer. I’m also not shy about public speaking, which is why I enjoyed my time training people both virtually and in classroom settings on clinical systems, and on the WordPress websites I built over the past 12 years.



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