Consumer and B2B Content

Just about every website I've ever built included some help authoring content. Sometimes a few paragraphs, sometimes the entire website. These samples don't represent the entire body of my writing work, but along with my blog they should give you an idea of my range.

White Papers (Technical Writing / Ghost Authoring)

Contextual Static Analysis (PDF)
The complex integration of software systems that run mission critical and safety critical infrastructure
multiplies the opportunities for and severity of software flaws shipped with those systems. The expense
of post-deployment remediation, though often 100 times more costly than catching problems prior to
production, is also sometimes measured in human lives.

The VST MyoDynamic Device from VCARE Health (PDF)
An important capability of the VST machine is the ability to pass up to 50mA safely through a given channel. The 50mA ceiling of the VST is possible due to its use of a biphasic symmetrical waveform and the ideal low harmonics present. This allows each channel to carry this current with minimal discomfort and almost no risk of electrolytic burning.

Tech Consumer Writing Samples

These are a few of the fun, consumer-facing tech articles I wrote for ValleyTrends Magazine several years ago as their "Tech Hero" writer.