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A secure WordPress website with an attractive responsive design, all ready for content and Content Management System (CMS) training in 25-business days.


Standard Engagement

Larger websites with more complexity are perfect for mid-size and larger organizations. With the Standard Engagement we can build a job board, client portal, secured online research library, or just a really deep website that positions you as the expert.

Why pay for expensive custom coding on your website when you can get custom feature sets from FlexTech Media for a fraction of the cost? Feature Sets use safe code updated for performance and security on a regular basis. The flexible configurations of Feature Sets, and the ability to rapidly create new ones, provide professionally supported solutions on a budget for organizations that need more than a basic website.

What My Clients Say

Michael Is Fantastic To Work With

Yes, Michael is a highly skilled website designer - the site he built for our nonprofit looks fantastic, and the navigation is logical for the visitors to our site. Just as important as his web designer skills, however, are his skills in working and communicating with you on building a site that works and looks great. Michael spoke to us in non-technical terms (or explained the technical terms to us when we needed to know them), and is just a great communicator in general - something you don't find every day. If you're looking for someone to help you build a great site and to enjoy the process, look no further.
— Gerald Schneider, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

The Thought of Building a Website Is Daunting...

...but, it is not so if you work with Michael. Under the guidance of Michael, we were able to take little steps and we reached the goal line with an amazing site. Michael is a great communicator and was able to take the geek language out of our conversations and made it very easy for us to follow his lead.  He is very organized, and articulate.  He would follow up with great notes and met our deadlines and fulfilled his commitment to us to give us a site that was easy for us to manage and maintain.  Thank you very much for the learning experience and for our great website.

— Dru Quesnoy, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

Michael Is Experienced And Dependable

I have had an excellent experience using Michael Penner of FlexTech Media in both the development and maintenance of my company’s website. He has been very dependable and continues to be a valuable resource in our online activity. I would highly recommend his services.

— John Ellsworth, President, Success Strategies, Inc.


Don't Fear The Future

FlexTech Media provides WordPress training for content managers, personalized technical support, and proactive security approaches for keeping your website safe. These aspects, along with professionally designed responsive behavior, are critical to your website's relevance and longevity. Built for you or by you, FlexTech Media is here to help.

Articles and News

Visalia Rotary Community Foundation Website Goes Live

https://www.visaliarcfoundation.org was built on the latest version of SquareSpace. The Foundation’s new website is mobile-friendly and easy to update. A prime goal of the project was to deliver a website the client could update themselves, including adding and removing pages. The custom user guide, the videos referenced in the user guide, and screen-based training sessions…


How To Implement Amazon WorkDocs For Basic File Sharing

Amazon WorkDocs provides secure, file sharing for the purposes of completing a project together, without the file sharing system taking up space on anyone’s hard drive. It provides document versioning, and the ability to recover a deleted document.

accelerated workflow

ShortPixel for WordPress simplifies image optimization with pro results.

Optimizing images for the web is not something WordPress does well natively. Why would it? It’s not an image processing system. It can accept images and resize them, and it will optimize for file weight, but controlling how WordPress does that requires either coding or a plugin. If you’ve ever objected to the decisions WordPress…