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I build secure SquareSpace™, Shopify™, or WordPress websites with attractive responsive designs. I provide individualized Content Management System (CMS) training, including user guides, via screen-sharing with people in your organization.

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Get compelling web copy from a writer that understands sectors such as tech, agriculture, industrial, medical, and more. I produce research-driven content that respects your audience and clarifies your core value.

As a digital media professional, I've built websites, created content, and helped my clients achieve their online goals since 2009.

What My Clients Say

Michael Is Fantastic To Work With

Yes, Michael is a highly skilled website designer - the site he built for our nonprofit looks fantastic, and the navigation is logical for the visitors to our site. Just as important as his web designer skills, however, are his skills in working and communicating with you on building a site that works and looks great. Michael spoke to us in non-technical terms (or explained the technical terms to us when we needed to know them), and is just a great communicator in general - something you don't find every day. If you're looking for someone to help you build a great site and to enjoy the process, look no further.
— Gerald Schneider, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

The Thought of Building a Website Is Daunting...

...but, it is not so if you work with Michael. Under the guidance of Michael, we were able to take little steps and we reached the goal line with an amazing site. Michael is a great communicator and was able to take the geek language out of our conversations and made it very easy for us to follow his lead.  He is very organized, and articulate.  He would follow up with great notes and met our deadlines and fulfilled his commitment to us to give us a site that was easy for us to manage and maintain.  Thank you very much for the learning experience and for our great website.

— Dru Quesnoy, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

Michael Is Experienced And Dependable

I have had an excellent experience using Michael Penner of FlexTech Media in both the development and maintenance of my company’s website. He has been very dependable and continues to be a valuable resource in our online activity. I would highly recommend his services.

— John Ellsworth, President, Success Strategies, Inc.


Don't Fear The Future

FlexTech Media provides Content Management System (CMS) training for content managers, personalized technical support, and proactive security approaches for keeping your website safe. These aspects, along with professionally designed responsive behavior, are critical to your website's relevance and longevity. You're never alone. FlexTech Media is here to help.

Articles and News

Retaining A Logo Designer

Not all graphic designers are great at creating logos. So, while I may be good at designing for a website or creating technical diagrams for a white paper, that doesn’t translate at all into being a solid logo designer. For that I defer to other colleagues. It really is a business art form unto itself.


Beautiful Responsive Tables In WordPress with TablePress

TablePress is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create attractive, responsive tables. If you’ve ever created an HTML table with code or used WordPress’ native Table Block tool, you’ve encountered the monster first hand. It’s not that easy to get exactly what you want with a table unless your needs are rather generic. More than that, and you are into web designer territory.


5 Benefits of Web Analytics

It’s hard to imagine the benefits of monitoring traffic on your website until you actually start doing it. The charts, graphs, data tables, and more are all too detailed for a treatment in this article. If you want to learn more about what a web analytics package can do, Google Analytics is a great place to start. There are tutorials and examples to make getting started and becoming an expert as easy as possible.


Complex Navigation And Mobile Devices

Complexity happens. It sounds like a t-shirt, but it’s true. Well organized websites are often reinforced by intuitive navigation. They are perceived as less complicated than websites that have lots of confusing navigation options to reach content tucked away in the backwaters of the user interface.


The 8-Second Audience

by Michael Penner, Owner, FlexTech Media What is the average time we have to capture someone’s attention on a website? A quick internet search shows you have between 7 and 20 seconds to get someone interested once they arrive. Regardless of a few seconds, it’s simply not that long. If the website hasn’t been optimized…


Speaker Introduction Video

I have an amazing client in John Ellsworth of Success Strategies, INC. A few months back he asked if we could create a narrated video that would be played before he took the stage at public speaking engagements. We decided to create a biographical summary that builds connection and credibility. The result is this short…


How To Survive A Website Redesign

All commercial web designs eventually go stale. In my experience, this unavoidable milestone arrives about five years into the website’s life. The expense of getting an updated design can be a source of genuine concern, not to mention the stress of going through the redesign process. If your original designer has moved on, you have…


The Message of Images

The same image can impact ten people in ten different ways, with varying degrees of effect. This is why creative professionals ask a lot of questions they hope will help them access the same headspace as their clients. And while some web projects might have a budget for professional photography, the vast majority of clients…