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Deliver a compelling web experience across devices.

Built or build it yourself, you're never on your own.

Sophisticated websites without steep learning curves.

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A secure WordPress website built for you with advanced features implemented in an attractive design, all ready for content and Content Management System (CMS) training in 25-business days.

WordPress CMS Professional

Have your own WordPress expert? This subscription grants access to the same advanced components used to build a RapidRollout website safely and securely.

Why pay for expensive custom coding on your website when you can get custom feature sets from FlexTech Media for a fraction of the cost? Feature Sets use safe code updated for performance and security on a regular basis. The flexible configurations of Feature Sets, and the ability to rapidly create new ones, provide professionally supported solutions on a budget for organizations that need more than a basic website.


Don't Fear The Future

FlexTech Media provides WordPress training for content managers, personalized technical support, and proactive security approaches for keeping your website safe. These aspects, along with professionally designed responsive behavior, are critical to your website's relevance and longevity. Built for you or by you, FlexTech Media is here to help.

Articles and News

Is a WordPress Website Right For My Organization?

Choose a professionally built WordPress website only if you have specific functionality requirements or design needs that a do-it-yourself web builder cannot offer as reliably, intuitively, or as affordably. I’ll hit the major differences as I see them based on building websites since 2001, and building with WordPress since 2009.


Your Brochure, Your Website, and Content-First Design Approaches

I’ve been implementing secure websites with built-in Content Management Systems (CMS) since 2004. I started using Adobe Contribute®, and eventually embraced WordPress™ over Joomla™ and Drupal™ for one very important reason: the ability to modify the back end to improve end-user friendliness. No CMS provides an out-of-the box user-friendly environment quite like is advertised, or…


Why Use Self-Hosted WordPress Instead?

Any self-hosted website you own will have maintenance costs. It requires consideration from the start about how you are going to keep all its components updated and its security stance relevant to the types of threats public-facing websites experience. Some of my clients have IT people for this, and some do not. The cost for such services varies according to the website’s complexity and the problems encountered during maintenance.