The hardest part of selling your products or services online is probably choosing the best ecommerce platform for your website. This right platform can reduce costs, minimize development time, and increase the ROI of your business.

After doing extensive research, we found five reasons why choosing WooCommerce for your website will give you the best return on investment.

It’s A WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS, website creation, and blogging platform on the internet. It offers a wide variety of handy plugins to turn your websites into anything you want them to be, and if you want your website to become an e-commerce destination that operates like a well oiled machine, you are certainly in luck, because the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress offers exactly that.

WordPress is also one of the easiest platforms to teach yourself, which means it will take much less time to get your e-commerce website running than with other platforms such as Squarespace™. This means your website can start generating income quicker, which will lead to a faster ROI.

It Has The Best Pricing Options

Where other platforms such as Wix™ and Squarespace offer rigid, set monthly subscription models, WooCommerce will let you set up and run your e-commerce website for free. That means that you can spend your money where it really matters, like getting some good web hosting for your website and making sure that it performs well at all times. It also offers affordable custom packages for when you decide that it’s time to start growing your website or add more features.

This means that you can test the waters of the specific market you’re catering for and actually start generating income without spending a cent, which will send your ROI through the roof.

It Offers The Most Features

When compared with other e-commerce solutions, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress most certainly offers the most (and the most advanced) features. These include pre-installed payment gateways, geolocation support, automatic taxes, shipping tables, support for discount coupons and codes, products reviews, and everything else you’ll need to build and maintain a profitable e-commerce website.

Its integration options are endless

WooCommerce is open source and completely extendable, which means it can integrate with just about any service provider including Zapier®, Taxamo®, PayPal®, and Amazon® payments. Easy integration means smaller development costs and less time spent on developing custom solutions, both which will lead to a faster return on your investment.

It Offers Multiple Language Support

WooCommerce offers support for languages spoken in China, Germany, India, and Japan, which means outsourcing work to developers and other freelancers in these countries is easy and efficient. Employing the right freelancers will mean reduced development costs which can, in turn, increase the ROI of your e-commerce business substantially.

WooCommerce is by far the superior option when choosing an ecommerce platform for your website if you are serious about your ROI. Have a look at the handy infographic below and find out even more about the amazing WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.