Build Type: Solution

Our client needed a way to showcase various events, destinations, and onsite venues in a manner that promotes the vitality of Yolo County. As a resource for tourists and locals alike, the website is geographically structured around the five larger communities within Yolo County.


  • The site contains numerous complex layouts used for the different major sections. Our DeepCMS approach allows the client to ignore this complexity and focus on content.
  • We placed all content for this site based on documents given to us by the client, and organized that content based on an evolving site map that was initially generated in the Architectural Phase.
  • The site contains hotels by area under STAY. Each hotel record can itself contain an easily managed slideshow and social media icon links specific to that hotel.
  • Restaurant listings are quickly filterable by cuisine type, and searchable as well from the main site search.
  • Social media integration on the home page with YouTube and Instagram sits besides a data feed provided from another offsite resource called Localist.
  • Integration with localist provides a data feed to the site, and a custom HTML menu referenced by provides a consistent metaphor for navigation when over on that site.
  • The site is SSL secured.
Work performed as MJ Penner Consulting