Build Type: Solution

The site Launched in July of 2017 as part of a larger marketing campaign that continues to this day. Monetization occurs through the sales of e-books and subscriptions to premium content that also includes videos and webinars. The video content is delivered through a secure video player system that provides a mobile-compatible experience.

  • We implemented our custom design through a child theme we created based on the selected theme from a reputable vendor.
  • This site uses our DeepCMS approach.
  • The site contains several membership layers, some of which are behind a paywall.
  • Workflow and User Experience Design were critical to get right, and resulted in a concept we created and implemented called “Membership Add-Ons” to furnish the different premium content access points our architectural phase revealed would be necessary.
  • Sophisticated financial spreadsheet software is furnished to some members.
  • This site integrates a user portal experience with e-commerce and a membership system to provide a very personalized experience to its members. The portal allows the company to publish different content and files to specific members or groups of members, among many other capabilities.

Project Overview

Success Strategies®, INC focuses on financial management, business leadership, and personal growth paradigms under the guidance of owner John Ellsworth. Our primary functionality challenge was to build an intuitive membership user experience, despite the different membership levels with different pricing schedules. We derived our user experience metaphor from the natural way the technologies already present interact, and the security problems all such interaction introduces. This led us to create and implement the concept of “Membership Add-ons” within the portal page technology. This approach modifies the free starter subscription through actions only allowable once logged in. We integrated a secure, mobile compatible video player along with an e-commerce system for selling digital downloads and subscriptions.

Our secondary functionality challenge was lead capture and conversion tracking. This required understanding the most compelling value propositions, crafting their messages, and creating the conversion paths around them. The selected Theme contains built-in capabilities that provided some of the solution, while our own integration techniques then leveraged those capabilities to fulfill specific requirements in this area.

Our expansive, high-impact visual design was integrated into a trusted, secure theme we further optimized for mobile experiences. The site’s custom design was created based on the overall vision John Ellsworth has for his company. The branding and the design work together to support that vision. The home page promotional graphics and message points we created are an example of those two aspects working together. Because this site includes our DeepCMS approach, the design itself does not introduce technical complexity into the content management workflow for the owner. Balancing the need to mitigate technical complexity with attractive custom design alongside sophisticated site behavior is a core tenant of our DeepCMS approach. Training videos, screen-share based individual training sessions, and ongoing support services all work together to keep this client as independent as possible from the need for a technologist to run the website.