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I'm an experienced web designer familiar with SquareSpace™, Shopify™, and WordPress. I provide individualized Content Management System (CMS) training, including user guides, via screen-sharing.

Writing Services

Get compelling web copy from a writer that understands sectors such as tech, agriculture, industrial, medical, and more. I produce research-driven content that respects your audience and clarifies your core value.

" I've designed websites, created content, and helped my clients achieve their online goals since 2004. "

What My Clients Say

Michael Is Fantastic To Work With

Yes, Michael is a highly skilled website designer - the site he built for our nonprofit looks fantastic, and the navigation is logical for the visitors to our site. Just as important as his web designer skills, however, are his skills in working and communicating with you on building a site that works and looks great. Michael spoke to us in non-technical terms (or explained the technical terms to us when we needed to know them), and is just a great communicator in general - something you don't find every day. If you're looking for someone to help you build a great site and to enjoy the process, look no further.
— Gerald Schneider, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

The Thought of Building a Website Is Daunting...

...but, it is not so if you work with Michael. Under the guidance of Michael, we were able to take little steps and we reached the goal line with an amazing site. Michael is a great communicator and was able to take the geek language out of our conversations and made it very easy for us to follow his lead.  He is very organized, and articulate.  He would follow up with great notes and met our deadlines and fulfilled his commitment to us to give us a site that was easy for us to manage and maintain.  Thank you very much for the learning experience and for our great website.

— Dru Quesnoy, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

Michael Is Experienced And Dependable

I have had an excellent experience using Michael Penner of FlexTech Media in both the development and maintenance of my company’s website. He has been very dependable and continues to be a valuable resource in our online activity. I would highly recommend his services.

— John Ellsworth, President, Success Strategies, Inc.


Websites Designed For People

FlexTech Media provides Content Management System (CMS) training for content managers, personalized technical support, and proactive security approaches for keeping your website safe. FlexTech Media is here to help long after the web design work is over.

Articles and News

What Midjourney’s AI Can Already Do

Midjourney is an AI that focuses on generating images from text prompts. There are a few others out there that do this, but I’ve decided to spend some time with Midjourney simply based on its reputation. This AI, like all AI, is growing in capability as it continues to learn through human interaction. As I gain expertise at how to craft my text prompts to get the image I’m imagining, here’s what I’m learning.


Designing Websites For Client Usability

Learning the technical steps for managing the content on your own website can be frustrating and tedious, even if you are a little technically inclined. Web designers can ease this pain by considering what their clients must learn to take control of content, including images and video. While a content management system (CMS) promises to make this as easy as possible, the web designer’s build approach ultimately makes all the difference.


How To Onboard New WordPress Plugins

You’ve decided to install a plugin to get a new feature into your WordPress website. Welcome to Pandora’s Box. Let’s be careful how we open it.


Do You Really Need To Worry About PHP 8.x?

Most WordPress website owners are business people and won’t know what “PHP 8.x” even means. That’s perfectly understandable, but when you choose self-hosted WordPress as your website platform, you are also choosing to deal with keeping PHP up to date along with all plugins and themes that run your website. PHP is a code library that WordPress relies on to run properly. Security support of PHP 7.4, which is still used by many WordPress websites as of this writing, ceased in November of 2022. The shiny new version of PHP is 8.1, and yes, it can break your WordPress website if your plugins and themes are not up to date.


Reaching The C-Class Audience On Your Website

When your product or service has to be vetted by a C-class audience (the “C” stands for Chief), such as a manager, director, VP, or CEO, before procurement is allowed, your website’s content must cater to several audiences. The audiences are the people in the organization that will use or benefit in some way directly from your offer, their managers, and their manager’s boss.


Web Hosting Aspects You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cheap web hosting plans are not necessarily bad. The only criterion for a “good” web hosting package is that it fits your organization’s web hosting needs. And what should those needs be? Cost is certainly a valid concern, especially if you’re not getting what you need. In that case, any cost is too much. Here are a few critical things to consider.


Why A WordPress Staging Website Is Important

For WordPress website owners, the frequent system updates are opportunities for something to go wrong. The same is true when it comes time to enhance some aspect of the website visually or through code. In these situations, performing changes on a clone of the website first lets you confront problems in a test environment. This clone is called the staging website. Once any issues are resolved, you can then repeat that success on the live website.


Writing Web Copy With Appropriate Tone

Different audiences expect different approaches regarding the tone of written web copy. A children’s museum might use exciting language (“Check out this rock, it’s over 2 billion years old!”) to take the tedium out of technical subjects, while a website about a muscle stimulation machine for physical therapy might take a more formal tone.