Contact Me About This Service

I can provide image editing, content placement, media library management, and so much more. If your website needs updates that you find you are just not able to perform due to time constraints or staffing issues, I can lend a hand. I've been working with digital files, media, and various web technologies for over 20-years. I'll provide a secure digital upload resource so you can send your content along with instructions. We'll talk by phone as well to make sure this happens smoothly. Other things you could use me for here are:

  1. Select and optimize images for sliders, pages, or albums.
  2. Creating Indexed PDF files and post them to the site.
  3. Implement content as requested by your SEO marketing team.
  4. Embed video from a Content Delivery network, including optimizing the video itself for such delivery.
  5. Re-purpose media such as transcribing video to other formats, or extracting audio layers from videos.
  6. Modify site navigation to reflect new posts or pages, or get great new content layouts.
  7. Other needs that we can discuss. Content Management pertains to a lot of different activities, so let me know what else you might need in this regard and I'll see what I can do!