Click the playlist icon in the media player next to the volume control to access all videos in the playlist. This is a growing library. Your particular implementation of Beaver Builder might be different than mine. For instance, you might not have a Themer Layout assigned to your Posts, or Beaver Builder might be allowed only on Pages and not Posts.

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Topics In This Video Playlist

  • Overview: A content manager's orientation to Beaver Builder. It demonstrates some basics such as editing a page, working in selection boxes, rows, modules, global asset intro, publishing, discarding, saving as a draft.
  • Revisions: Demonstrates methods for saving and retrieving work. Duplicate page, revision history, save as template.
  • Fonts: Shows where fonts are controlled, theme stylesheet, module font settings (such as a Text Editor module), WordPress Customizer settings.
  • Image Optimization with GIMP: Color profile warning, proportional dimension optimization, file weight optimization, exporting.
  • Creating a Post: Two-step process, using the Beaver Builder layout, the Themer Layout for posts, editing properties of a post such as featured image or category.
  • Linking A PDF: Adding to the Media Library, copying the URL to clipboard, creating the PDF link.
  • Create A Page: Building a simple layout from scratch while demonstrating why it is better to duplicate an existing page. Setting the Heading Module to take the post / page title, adding a Text Module, adding an image and text, adding a search widget and a calendar widget. Modifying column margins.
  • Themer Layouts: What they are and how they are assigned to pages, posts or other areas. Editing header properties, assigning the header to a location, editing the header layout, editing modules in the header.
  • Landing Pages: Creating a blank header and footer, assigning to a page.
  • Conditional Display: A simple demonstration of setting two Text Editors to display based on the visitor's screen size.