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Find the right voice for your website, and you connect your audience to your value in a more natural way. Professionally written American-English content increases your website's credibility instantly with both visitors and search engines. I've helped all of my clients to some degree over the past 20-years with the content aspect of their websites, and I can help you. Just in case you thought you were alone, it is not uncommon for people to struggle with that opening sentence, paragraph, or overall home page message. Describing a complex mechanism or process also presents its own challenges. It requires some experience with technical communication, especially if the idea is not to use highly technical language with the target audience.

These engagements can result in white papers as well, depending on the industry and the need. In such cases, I become a ghost author. I'm not named as an author. I am just listed as someone providing "writing services" and holding no copyright to the final material.


Data-Driven Justification

We can run A/B tests  to determine the strongest messages, and analyze them alongside your Google 4 Analytics. In this way, you can cost-justify work done to the web pages in question. This kind of work can spill over into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) territory very easily, though it is not based on SEO. The focus of my writing efforts is to affect engagement once a person is at your website. Getting them there in the first place is the purview of SEO, though there will certainly be some SEO benefits from having a focused message that resonates with your audience.

Writing Style Guides and Adherence

Sometimes a consumer-oriented article is needed, and sometimes more formal language gets the job done, it all depends on the audience. I use the following style guides in my work, to varying degrees of application, but always applied in a consistent manner:

  • The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style (Garner)
  • The Associated Press Stylebook 55th Ed.
  • A Brief Guide to the Chicago Manual of Style