Sometimes you need tech support, and sometimes you just need to bounce an idea off of someone who has been doing this sort of work for over 20-years with agencies, software startups, and global enterprise clients. Then again, maybe you need someone competent at doing formalized research that uses a real methodology? Whatever the case, with me you have a resource that can give you this sort of flexible support.



$65.00 /mo.
  • Already included in SMASH, RapidRollout, and WordPress CMS Professional packages.
  • This retainer locks in services at $65/hr, billed in 30-minute increments.
  • No charge for issues requiring less than 15-minutes of effort, with 2 such incidents granted her per month.
  • The hourly rate only starts after the retainer is depleted. It covers writing, infographic design, training, tech support, or any other service I provide directly to your organization.

Ad Hoc Requests

$85/hr minimum 1hr charge
  • The hourly "ad-hoc request" rate for those without a SMASH or FrequentFlexer retainer.
  • Bills in 1-hour increments, minimum 1-hour charge.
  • Can be converted to a FrequentFlexer plan.
  • Issues an invoice due and payable at the time service is rendered, and only accepts credit card payments made through my secure online system.

All FlexSupport plans include access to my online Service Desk, and allow you to contact me by phone, text, or e-mail. FlexSupport is always documented and the hours incurred tracked for you. When you use FlexSupport, you get an American who understands the business of technology. I don’t outsource to India for support, or use overseas resources to deal with the challenges you have entrusted me to help you with. FlexSupport does not provide web development services, new websites, or other project-level needs.

What You Get For the Money

My business approach to providing tech support and cognitive services follows a formalized methodology inspired by W. Edwards Deming’sContinuous Quality Improvement” and “Total Quality Management”. My JIRA Service Desk video is probably the most compact demonstration of how I put Deming’s teachings into practical, everyday use for rendering assistance. But, my entire business is predicated on these philosophies, not just how I handle FlexSupport.

Here are some things you could use FlexSupport for in addition to technical help:

  1. Screen-sharing based live support if you need it.
  2. Content Management Updates and Modifications.
  3. Access to services coming soon to help with GDPR Compliance.
  4. Consulting services for evaluating new ideas or help evaluating a new technology.
  5. Site Navigation Modifications with adjustments and modifications to the structural hierarchy of your site.
  6. Sophisticated web forms creation, testing, and implementation.
  7. Shadow Support for joining conference calls with other technology or service providers that you would like me to help you evaluate or assist in working through difficulties with. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and have worked with technology service providers from around the world. I understand how to formulate the right questions and how to ask them so clarity is achieved.
  8. Concept Evaluations such as “Should we put xyz social media feed behind a paywall?” and other miscellaneous help in evaluating a new idea for your website.
  9. Help with image optimization challenges.
  10. Plans do not include any licenses or other virtual materials that may be required to help in your particular case. You will always be notified if such expenses are possible.
  11. Any general help I can provide with using WordPress, managing and optimizing your media, or answering questions about the best way to implement an idea for a campaign or functional need.