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Contact me to see if my knowledge can be adapted to your situation. A great outcome is more likely when the right questions are answered in a meaningful way up front. By speaking to me directly you can better judge the benefits of working with FlexTech Media.


Experience and Accountability

FlexTech Media is a web design consultancy with deep experience in the industries of agriculture, medical, and regional tourism. For the past 20 years I’ve helped clients in many other industries as well through a consistently people-oriented approach. Budgets, milestones, and timelines are core to my work process. Accountability is core to my results.

Security And Independence

My clients are interested in secure websites, well-written content, and attractive, consistent experiences for their visitors on all devices. My fully documented, secure websites use best-practices familiar to professional web designers and coders, so you are never beholden to FlexTech Media for help.



Don't Fear The Future

WordPress training for content managers (including great tips and tricks), personalized technical support, and websites that look and behave well on mobile devices is a great start. But keeping your website secure is a challenge you should not have to worry about. FlexTech Media offers simple, affordable pricing that packages services into a unified approach for maximum website longevity.

Professional Writing
For Niche Industries

What you say and how you say it requires a coherent content strategy and a writer capable of conveying even the most abstract value propositions to the target audience. Find the voice that reaches your particular audience with professional writing services from FlexTech Media.

Press releases, web or print content, and white paper ghost-writing are just a few of the authoring services I offer.

Technical Communication
Across Media Types

When it comes to abstract subject matter, complexity is relative to the knowledge the reader brings to the table. From user guides to outbound marketing e-mails, well crafted technical communications reduce perceived complexity and eliminate barriers to understanding by educating the audience. I provide concise writing, attractive infographic design, and media re-purposing services to reach your audience in the media consumption format they require for their particular environment.

Creating understandable content for technical industries is my specialty. I can even help with content for reaching investors and early-adopters.

How To Implement Amazon WorkDocs For Basic File Sharing

Amazon WorkDocs provides secure, file sharing for the purposes of completing a project together, without the file sharing system taking up space on anyone’s hard drive. It provides document versioning, and the ability to recover a deleted document.

accelerated workflow

ShortPixel for WordPress simplifies image optimization with pro results.

Optimizing images for the web is not something WordPress does well natively. Why would it? It’s not an image processing system. It can accept images and resize them, and it will optimize for file weight, but controlling how WordPress does that requires either coding or a plugin. If you’ve ever objected to the decisions WordPress…


Is a WordPress Website Right For My Organization?

Choose a professionally built WordPress website only if you have specific functionality requirements or design needs that a do-it-yourself web builder cannot offer as reliably, intuitively, or as affordably. I’ll hit the major differences as I see them based on building websites since 2001, and building with WordPress since 2009.