Build Type: Solution

The CRB’s work in identifying and profiling serious crop pests requires the participation of hundreds of agriculturalists across multiple agricultural disciplines. Their website was created under a marketing mandate that exists to provide a centralized resource for scientific studies and research opportunities.


  • The site is located at . It was one of our first large scale WordPress implementations that used our DeepCMS approach.
  • It is hosted with (trusted since 1997)
  • A secure research archive was built and organized. It provides search capabilities that extend into the PDF files that comprise the bulk of such articles.
  • This website was implemented in two phases, where Phase II extended search into PDF files after extensive evaluation of technologies that could provide this ability was completed. Our approach saved the CRB close to $30K and implemented far simpler technologies that those provided by dedicated third party hosted solutions for this purpose.
  • Extensive consulting was required to properly architect the research archive, including it’s taxonomical structure, and evaluate the best way at the time to secure it.
Work performed as MJ Penner Consulting