Training, documentation, and ongoing FlexSupport frees website owners from total dependence on web professionals regardless of who built the website. I can evaluate your WordPress website and train you on the best practices involved with content updates, or go farther and train you on deeper skills such as photo optimization, WordPress update security paradigms, how to recover your WordPress website, and more.

Simple or complex, the websites I build are designed to be both useful and usable for my clients. The WordPress websites I build come with a variety of documentation to empower both the new site owner, content manager, and any future web experts you retain to better understand what was built and how to use it. Documentation varies based on the project. You'll get a user guide that explains the details of using your new website as a content manager. A Site Integration Map is provided for websites with greater complexity, where staff training and re-training are big concerns and specific workflows must be preserved as the site is maintained or enhanced.

USA Based Technical Support and Lower Learning Curves

Most of my clients today want the ability to modify their website content without paying an agency to do it for them. None of my clients have tons of spare time to spend learning that sort of skill, or deal with overseas tech support resources that read from scripts, are hard to understand, and have never actually built a website from start to finish. Avoid large learning curves and frustrating support experiences by going with FlexTech Media. Check out this video to see just how seriously I take tech support.

My websites are built to make content management tasks far easier than WordPress alone provides. I've been building websites since 2003, trained nurses and doctors on medical software, and taught office productivity software classes in formalized classroom settings. Understanding how people want to interact with a website includes knowing what makes an experience annoying as well. Whether on the front end or doing work through the backend, my websites are built to serve you — not the other way around. And if you want my help updating your website's content, I'm all in.

I provide screen based training, user guides, and USA-based FlexSupport to empower my clients as much as possible with every website I build. I also setup and maintain a staging server for your website. This provides you with a place to try out new ideas or techniques without a worry for harming your live website. Resetting the staging server is as easy as a few button clicks.

The video shows a RapidRollout content update example. Your experience will depend on the project's requirements.