This website for an organic farming operation launched mid-2022 at

Here are the highlights:

      1. It’s a custom design that includes mobile and tablet responsiveness.
      2. The design is implemented in a specific way to allow the client the ability to update content themselves regardless of layout complexity.
      3. I was also contracted to write the content for the website, so I spent time learning about their target audience and what words and phrases are interesting to them and how their competition does it.
      4. For a writing style guide I stuck with the Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style.
      5. I also integrated an interactive map feature on their Logistics page. It uses an API to Google Maps.
      6. I implemented a streamlined video player for the home page, and rendered the video at a low bit rate for smaller movie file size. The video is also housed on a CDN for yet more speed improvement. On mobile I omit the home page video to decrease page load time.
      7. The grape data tables were interesting to design, then getting them to resize well on mobile.
      8. I created a user guide for training the client on running the website, as well as a Site Integration Map that is focused more on web integrators than web designers, so that if something happens to me, another professional can step in and help.
      9. They are on my Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH) plan to keep their site as difficult to hack as possible.